WTF is wrong with my music?

It’s the biggest sidewalk sale in Canada and it happens every July. All the merchants on St. Catherine Street here in Montreal move their wares outdoors to try and liquidate what they weren’t able to sell over the spring season.

I make it a point to go every year to peruse the bargains, take in the buskers and even make my way into the stores and see what bargains are hiding inside.

I took the opportunity to try and find a pair of crocs for my daughter. The Croc store was filled with would-be buyers murmuring while the music was blasting out of the speakers helping with the festive atmosphere of the sidewalk sale.

All of sudden, all hell broke loose!!

An “F-BOMB” was dropped from the speakers that caused one of the clerks at the cash and sales rep on the floor to run for the back of the store while pushing patrons to the side in their frantic dash. For a split second I thought that maybe someone was hurt or the place was being robbed! It became evident a few seconds later, when the second “F-BOMB” dropped, that the clerks where trying to stop the music and the bombing!

Was that an F-Bomb?

Yep, it was an F-BOMB dropping Ceelo Green who was the culprit as his hit “F&*K You” was being blasted throughout the store for all the little kiddies to hear. Some moms and dads, clearly uncomfortable, were looking around trying to figure out what was going on. The staff desparetly faded out the song and tried to skip to the next track on the homemade CD. It took a little while for the music to get back on and all of that added to the uncomfortable feeling in the room!

Luckily, no one was hurt except for maybe the Crocs brand. I’m sure the folks at Crocs work very hard to ensure that their brand looks fun and appealing to kids and it’s tough to see that hard work go down the drain because some employee brought in their homemade CD (or Ipod) to entertain the customers.

If you’re the Marketing Director of a retail chain, have a look at possibly getting a custom music service across all your stores. This will ensure all your stores are living and singing your brand values (and play the edited safe versions!) and not leave your customers wondering what the “eff” is going on!

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