Couture Media brings biggest B2B music catalog in the world to Canadian businesses.

Couture Media, Inc., a veteran provider of custom in-store audio experiences, announced the deal earlier this month. The reseller agreement with Soundtrack Your Brand™ enables Couture Media to deliver a more effective, enterprise-level music experience to Canadian businesses, and especially to business owners who may only have one or two locations. Bringing Soundtrack Your Brand’s technology, massive song catalog and rights management capacities to Canada, Couture Media not only expands its enterprise-level service offerings but can tailor solutions for businesses of every size. Many mom-and-pop type businesses fail to recognize that as soon as they start playing their personal playlists in their commercial space they are violating copyright law, most times completely innocently and unintentionally.


With the signing of the agreement, Couture Media’s expanded playlist possibilities help retailers and restaurateurs accomplish what the larger brands have known for decades – that in-store music enhances the consumer experience. For Quebec businesses, especially, the wider selection of French music enables them just the right amount of choice to appeal to their demographics.


According to Leo Da Estrela, Managing Partner of Couture Media, Inc., “With a combined catalog of 30 million songs, more than double our closest competitor, and with over 180 soundtracks and playlists curated for business, this premium partnership provides tremendous value to Canadian businesses and their customers.”


One surprising feature of the new streaming platform that is sparking excitement: in addition to leveraging the in-store savvy of the pre-built playlists, small business owners can also import their own personal Spotify playlists into the commercial system, now free of guilt or fear, with simplicity and with total peace of mind.

Meysam Majd, Director of Global Partnerships said “We continuously scout the market for the best resellers. Couture Media’s professionalism and deep industry experience made them a perfect fit for us.”

Businesses of every size commonly use music programming to increase in-store-excitement, dwell times and ticket totals. For Couture Media’s larger clients, creation of the branded environment often includes custom audio programming, in-store promotional messaging, on-hold branding and digital signage with its “Enterprise” service. The innovative company continues to answer the call of larger brands and multi-outlet chains in service of its mission “Elevating retail brands through the power of music.” Courtesy of this reseller agreement with the international, Spotify-backed Soundtrack Your Brand™, it is now giving every Canadian business owner the opportunity to do the same.

For Immediate Release: Official press release here.

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