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Our story

couture media

One night, a group of friends were hanging out with Kara who had just wrapped up her DJ set at a Montreal hot spot. She switched back to restaurant’s satellite music service on her break.  Limited by choice, the manager chose the 80s channel. It just so happened at the moment a mood-killing ballad came on totally killing the vibe. You could feel the electricity leave the room. A few minutes later, the music cut-out due to heavy rain. The room was silent. The manager looked over and shrugged his shoulders, “Whattya  gonna do?” It was a light bulb moment for Kara and Leo.
couture media founders kara and leo profile pic
Founders Kara Yamich and Leo Da Estrela
jason dick profile pic couture media
Jason Dick
emma noonan profile pic for Couture Media
Emma Noonan
Kody Sloos
julie wang profile pic couture media
Julie Wang

who we are

the rest of the story

The idea for Couture Media was born in 2008 when radio professionals and co-founders Kara Yamich and Leo Da Estrela noticed that most businesses were struggling to find the perfect music mixes for their stores, restaurants, hotels, spas and cafes. They started Couture Media to provide an easy music solution for their customers to find the right vibe without the frustrations and legal headaches.
Couture Media is one of the few companies in Canada to have assembled a team filled with music experts, all being on top of today’s trends. Their expertise and knowledge of both classic and contemporary music is what makes them able to curate playlists for some of the world’s foremost brands – it’s like they’re giving you an insider look into their life through your speakers! (OK, we know this sounds dorky, but it sounded cooler in the marketing meeting)

why we do it

our mission

Our mission is to become the premier provider of background music solutions with a dedication to the highest level of customer service for business.
We want to be that company that can help you relax and focus on your work and not worry about the music.
We go above and beyond expectations to deliver on that promise and we’re committed to always giving more to our customers, our employees, and our community.
female worker in retail store with iPad
Happy business people talking and laughing together at cafe

how do we do it

It starts with better listening

First,  a dedicated account manager will listen to learn what makes your business special – your brand’s values and personality, the nuances of your customers, and why people come to you.

They’re your partner and they will work closely with you to figure out what the best solutions for you might be.

They’ll be a liaison between YOU and departments within both companies and share information to ensure understanding.

They offer personalized online demos of our software for you and your team. Answer any questions you might have, then if you’d like, set up a trial so you can try it before purchasing to be confident you’re getting the best music for your business. No bad surprises here!

You can then have our team of music experts help you pick out the perfect playlists or curate and customize playlists for your exact needs. It’s like having your very own music department.

Once you’re setup, you can rest assured we’ll be there for you in the event of any issue with our unparalleled 24/7 support.
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