Why now is a good time to review your on hold messaging and what to include

it's time to give your on-hold messaging another listen.

woman waiting on-hold

When it comes to engaging with your business, your customers are looking for you to guide them during these tumultuous times.
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to more people calling ahead and so it’s important to remember the role your on-hold messaging takes in keeping your customers informed.

Many of us can’t  recall what is currently playing when our customers are on-hold so it’s a good time to call yourself and see what you’re currently putting out there.

Keeping your on-hold messaging up to date helps reassure your customers that you are on top of the current situation. It makes them feel safe and removes any friction should they decide to present themselves on-premises or continue to do business with you.

Start by updating your opening hours. Update them on any cancellations or services that are currently unavailable or suspended. Inform them about any curbside services and the measures you have taken to ensure the safety of your staff and customers.

When it comes to on-hold messaging it’s all about providing the best possible waiting experience. Pertinent information is paramount but you want to make sure your music is invoking a calm groove. Long blasting sax solos, violins, or loud singing can be annoying to listen to and only serve to aggravate your customer who is already a bit stressed and impatient.

Make sure your on-hold messaging is sending the right message!

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