Why not having a background music service can cost you money.

There are many reasons why businesses opt to get a music service provider.

It can be because they don’t want the hassle and cost of purchasing CDs for all their locations.
It can be because they want music professionals to come up with a playlist so that they can spend time focusing on other aspects of their business.
It may be because they don’t want their competitors commercials that are playing on the radio playing inside their establishment.
It can be because they want consitent programming in all their locations. But there is another benefit that sometimes goes unnoticed… cost savings!

With modern music service providers there is no more piling of CDs

Recently, here in Canada, a linen retail outlet in Ontario was served with notice from the NRCC (now Re:Sound) for back-payments on unpaid royalties for the use of background music in their stores. By law, the NRCC can go as far back as January 1, 2003! The retail outlet is looking at over $10,000 in fees for playing CDs in their stores!

This can happen to you! If you have been playing music in your establishment without paying the licensing fees to the proper organizations (SOCAN, Re:Sound in Canada, ASCAP, BMI and SoundExchange in the U.S.) you can be in for some hefty fees! Inspectors are out ensuring businesses using background music are compliant. Especially with CD sales in decline, composers, writers and record labels are in dire need of this income stream.

If you are currently using a music service provider ask they to supply you with proof that your licensing fees are being covered!

For just about he cost your business would have to pay in royalty fees, for playing its own ipod or CDs, you can have the low-maintenance personalized professional services of a music provider to take care of your music – and your licensing fees!

There are many benefits to using a music service provider. If you have any questions we’d be glad to help you.

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