Where are you discovering music from?

Have you ever been to a concert going in with no expectations?
It happened to me Sunday night at the Bell Centre in Montreal with the Gorillaz!

I was very familiar with their music but not really sure how I stumbled upon them.
I figured that was the experience for most of the 12 000 fans taking their seats at the
Bell Centre to see Damon, De La Soul, Bobby Womack and company. They heard of
them, but where? You see, in Montreal there isn’t a terrestrial radio station playing
their music except for one of the American border stations.

They could have heard or seen a video, read a review on a blog, heard it online or on
satellite radio…or they could have heard it in-store during a shopping experience.
The latter is happening more often. With businesses using unique background music
services as a marketing and branding tool, customers are pointing their “Shazam”
and “Soundhound” apps to the speakers and being exposed to new music all the

As an independent artist this is a great way to get exposure and word of mouth
advertising. You should make sure your music is being marketed to background
music providers. Look them up and send them your music; you never know where
your music could be playing next!

For major labels, background music providers are a great way to expose those hard
to place artists. Singer-Songwriters, folk, ambient, new age, jazz can all find homes in
heavy rotation in bookstores, cafés, restaurants, bedding stores etc…

If you’re a business, imagine the powerful branding impression you make when long
after your customer has left your store, he’s sitting in a concert hall with 12,000
other fans thinking about where he first heard of the band.

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