What will be the summer song of 2011?

What will be the song of the summer?

That’s the question that many music programmers in North America ask themselves heading into the months of April and May. As has become apparent in the last few years, record companies usually release a flurry of tracks with an increasing amount of calculation around those months in hopes that one of them will assume the coveted role.

In previous years the answer seemed quite clear by the end of spring. This year however, there doesn’t appear to be a clear contender. It’s the first week of June and there hasn’t really been a song that captures the flavor of summer and destined to be a big, memorable and inescapable hit.

In 2010, we had California Gurls by Katy Perry, released in April as a clear choice and it went on to dominate the airplay charts and was a mainstay in stores, restaurants and amusement parks through the warm months.

California Gurls Summer Song of 2010

The summer prior to that, 2009,  The Black Eyed Peas were everywhere, and it was a coin toss between “Boom Boom Pow” and “I Got a Feeling” as both songs shared time through the summer months. It later became apparent that it would be “I Got a Feeling”. And in 2008 it was Kid Rock with “All Summer Long”

In 2011 however, there hasn’t been a clear choice…

There is no shortage of tempo or energy for contenders…Katy Perry’s latest “E.T” isn’t faring too well and Gaga is on her fourth track on an album that has yet to be released. Born This Way, Judas, Edge of Glory and now Hair don’t seem to have the “je ne sais pas quoi” that makes for a summer hit. (It seems to be a combination of steering-wheel pounding beats and/or Caribbean flavor with an ode to loafing around.)

Other songs from Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Jessie J are hot but peaked too early.

“Rolling In The Deep” has our choice as “Flood Song” of 2011.

So we wait to see what will turn out to be the soundtrack hit of Summer 2011.  We hope there is one… and a summer!

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