The Secrets of Fifth Avenue, New York

Shopping along New York’s fifth avenue is a shopping affair like none other. It’s a mix of diverse cultures, styles, fashion and over-the-top shopping experiences to satisfy everyone.

Every store is uniquely different but with one thing in common…an electrifying ambiance that pulls you in!
Fifth Avenue New York
From Placido Domingo to Lady Gaga, to the hip-hop beats of Jay Z and the Latin sounds of Shakira, each store has a way of making you live an amazing shopping experience and having you spend a longer time inside the store.

You can be seduced by a Jay Z song while taking in and contemplating the beautiful Rocawear jeans that lie in front of you. In the next shop while perusing the summer clothing rack, a remix of Latin flavours makes you feel like you are in Puerto Rico in 35 degree weather while a beautiful Latina salesgirl is showing you the latest shorts from the G Unit collection.


Jay Z’s Rocawear

Every song is designed to sell the experience and tell the story of the individual stores while making you stay longer and entice you to make a purchase.

Custom designed music playlists in each of these stores is one of the best kept secrets in this shopping mecca – until now!

Whether your store is in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, Los Angeles, Mexico City, London, Paris or anywhere in the world, you can bring the electrifying New York Fifth Avenue style to your store with amazing custom made music channels. 

Ask how Couture Media can make your store feel like the legendary Fifth Avenue stores.

If the music inside your store does not express your brand and increase your sales… it’s possibly time to change the channel – and we can help!

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