Size REALLY Does Matter!

It used to be that retail, restaurants and hotels had no choice but to turn to big companies for specific services like background music. With the expansion of technology and the internet, small background music businesses are getting their share of the pie because they offer something the big companies can’t: a relationship.

Here is what we have been hearing from businesses who want to move away from the big background music companies:

– “I can’t find a music channel for what I need”
– “we are looking for something different, not like what everybody else has”
– “we want this to be simple”
– “If we have a problem, it takes forever to hear back from anyone!”
– “the music is so repetitive, my staff can’t take it anymore!”
– “I can’t get a good reception at some of my remote stores”
– “our system has been broken for 2 weeks now and are still awaiting a new one”
– “we want a company that understands what we are trying to achieve with our sound”

More and more these days we are getting calls from companies that are looking for a background music and messaging service that is simple and original, always reachable and understands their company’s vision for the perfect sound.

Custom music solutions

Here is what a boutique background music service can offer that a big company can’t:

– we learn about your product or service and make sure we understand your vision in order to create a unique and perfect soundtrack for your business
– we work one-on-one with you from development to implementation…like having your own Music Director!
– we work closely with your marketing department in order to tailor the music to what is going on in your business
– your business channel is 100% customizable and can change at any time
– we build relationships with our clients, you are not just a number!
– no “ticket system”, we are always reachable, either by phone or email
– we are quicker to move on the latest technology
– our system is simple to install and use

…interested in a custom music service for your business with top-notch service? Contact us at Couture Media for all of this and more!

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