The ideal music solution for pop up stores

Sonos and Soundtrack music solution for pop up stores

As the retail industry continues to evolve, brands are finding new ways to reach consumers. One way is through the opening of pop-up stores which can be used as a temporary store front.
Pop-ups offer retailers the chance to test out different concepts, product lines, locations and features in person before committing to them on a more permanent basis.
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This is a trend that’s been around for quite some time but has picked up steam in recent years with brands like Nike, Adidas and H&M all using the concept of temporary retail spaces as part of their marketing strategies.
Creating an effective pop-up space can be difficult. It’s temporary, so managing the budget is challenging. You don’t want to be spending unnecessarily on equipment normally used for a permanent installation on something you will be tearing down in a few weeks while trying to provide your customers with the optimal brand experience.
With this blog post, we look to provide a great sounding music solution for pop-ups. It’s great on the budget and can easily be transported or reused at another installation and make the best on your investment.

What audio equipment should i use for my pop up store?

Sonos is the perfect solution for pop ups. Why?
The Sonos line are premium speakers. Simply put, they sound great.
sonos speaker on counterWith Sonos you can take advantage of their Trueplay technology to optimize each speaker for an immersive audio experience. Trueplay measures how sound reflects off of walls, furnishings and other surfaces in the space and then fine tunes your speakers. With the Sonos app set to Trueplay, you simply walk around your space and your Sonos speakers attune themselves for the best sound experience in minutes.
Sonos wifi speakers are also wireless. No messy cabling and setup is a breeze. They are also self-powered so you don’t need to invest in an amp. You simply power them up and use your smartphone to control everything from the volume to the music .
Lots of options. With several different speakers to choose from, you can find the right speaker for your space. If your needs change in the future at another location, you can easily expand by adding another speaker to the system.

What about music for my pop up store?

The only thing better than great sounding speakers are awesome tunes to go with them. That’s where Soundtrack Your Brand has got you covered, legally and on-brand!
It doesn’t make sense to pay for yearly music licenses to Socan, ReSound, BMI, ASCAP and other PROs when you plan on being in the space for a few weeks or months.
Soundtrack is the perfect solution for any business looking to play their music legally and easily pairs with Sonos. With over 54 million songs available, you’ll have no trouble keeping your brand’s sound in line. The monthly subscription also gives you access to a ton of other features and the best part, you can cancel your subscription once you retire the pop up store.
If you’re looking for the perfect setup to go with your pop-up store, a Soundtrack subscription with Sonos speakers is the way to go. From IT, hardware and music, our skilled team will work diligently with you to find the perfect solution for your setup. We’ll give you feedback on what we think would be best given your space and offer suggestions based on other stores that we have had success with. Contact us today if this sounds like something you want help with!

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