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It’s a stressful time to return to work in a post COVID-19 world. As an office manager you’re probably exploring a combination of measures to make the return safer and non-stressful: new cubicle layouts, sanitization stations, hands-free door openers, improve indoor air quality, schedule planning, and closing common gathering areas.
Another measure you may want to add to your list is to introduce office music. Studies have shown that music in the workplace can have several benefits including increase productivity, focus and cooperative spirit. https://nyms/3f6M2Hz
Other benefits include providing a sense of privacy for your sales team on calls, induce focus by masking background chatter and make repetitive tasks feel less moribund.
office staff working in harmony chattingSetting up a music strategy for the office depends on several factors. If you’re trying to create an environment where people can maintain simple conversation and read email for instance, instrumental tracks might be something you insist on. Furthermore, if you have multi-generation employees on the floor, you can opt for chilli-hop, that nicely bridges the gap between cohorts and you can mix it up with bossa nova, reggae and lounge to create texture and keep it interesting.
When contemplating jazz and classical music, be aware that instrumentals in these genres can often have discontinuous sounds like loud rolling trumpet solos and punches that can be irritating or distracting to some of the staff.
Maybe opt for software that auto changes the music during the workday to synchronize with your staff’s circadian rhythms. These are natural biological rhythms that us humans feel during a twenty-four clock. It could mean slower tempo music in the morning and more energy in the afternoon. Or use the music schedule to strategically plan the week. Fun Fridays?  Staff picks on Thursday afternoon?
Music can play an important part when it comes to your office productivity and harmony. Try it and have your staff leave the office with a positive feeling about work!

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