In-Store Radio Promotion

Traditionally, to get your music heard and to make money from it, you had to get onto terrestrial radio or video television.

With the explosion and proliferation of custom radio channels and playlists in stores, restaurants, boutiques, hotels, malls, supermarkets, gyms, banks and more, where millions are greeted by music selected by an in-store music provider, along comes Shoplifter Music.

You use to depend on the record company and it’s representatives to promote and track your music on radio and, in-turn, receive royalties if your music actually got played.

Today, record companies are still focused on traditional and satellite airplay and have yet to turn to promoting their music to in-store custom music companies.

This is where Shoplifter Music comes in. They help promote and provide turn-key licensing to artists and their music. You no longer need that odds-against-you record deal to get heard by millions and make some coin.

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