Don’t let your employees ruin your brand

I walked by a store window this morning on my way through the mall when a wool wrap sweater in the window display caught my eye. I walked into a retail fashion store, which will remain nameless so as not to get anyone into trouble, and they were blaring Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train”.

Normally, there would be nothing wrong with the song, many people like it, except in this case it was playing at 9:30 in the morning in a store that was designed to serve the personality profile of a fashion-savvy female who may be shopping by his store because it was ahead of the curve when it comes to trends.

Ozzy shouldn’t be rockin’ this place out!

Scanning the floor I spotted the culprit responsible for this branding disaster. It was the skinny pierced young male employee who brought along his ipod to rock out the joint with his favorite tunes on this fine morning. Who could blame him, he was doing his best to improve the ambiance but unfortunately he wasn’t thinking about setting the scene for the ambitious and upwardly mobile female client that would visit the store during the course of the morning.

Employees tend to play what they like, not what’s right for your business. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on the right decor but forget about investing in one of the most important pieces of the puzzle…the audio decor – to complete the all-sense experience!

Don’t be a victim of a branding hijack by one of your employees! Spend the time to reflect on your sound to create a lasting branding impression with your customer!

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