Don’t let this happen to your business!

I saw this posting yesterday and had a good laugh. “sick of bad music in restaurants”

The last thing you want is to have clients go online to complain about the music that you play in your place of business.  Here is a restaurant that offers great food but the patron was so annoyed by the music that he chose to blog about the negative experience.

Is annoying music on your menu?

The scary part about it, is that when people put the restaurant’s name into a search engine, there is a good chance that this blog post will turn up!

In this day and age there is no reason for you to wonder or worry about your music anymore. You certainly don’t want it in the hands of your employees who might not have the same taste as your target customer. You can have a custom channel built by music pros to stream in your establishment or consult them on a playlist. At Couture Media we sit with new clients to find out the key data about  their customers and then tailor make a background music channel that will speak to those customers.

Keeping a keen eye and ear on all the details of your decor is the only competitive way to stay ahead  and build customer loyalty! It’s an affordable solution that will make sure that “annoying music” doesn’t make it’s way onto the menu or a blog post!

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