Client Case Study: Etiket Boutique & Spa

Introducing our Client Success Story: Etiket, Elevating the Audio Experience for a Growing Boutique and Spa in Montreal’s Golden Mile Neighbourhood

Imagine a tranquil oasis nestled in the heart of Montreal’s picturesque golden mile neighbourhood. Etiket Boutique and Spa has been providing a haven of relaxation and luxury to its discerning clientele for years. However, as their business flourished, they faced an exciting yet daunting challenge – the need to expand their existing retail and spa treatment space, effectively doubling their square footage.

A sign/logo at the entrance of Etiket Boutique & Spa
Etiket Boutique & Spa, located in Montreal

Client Challenges

Expanding physical space is an endeavour that requires careful consideration, and for Etiket, maintaining a consistent and immersive audio experience throughout the entire establishment was very important.

They wanted their clients to be enveloped in the same soothing melodies across all treatment rooms, both the existing rooms and the three newly created ones. Additionally they aimed to infuse their expanded retail area with an enveloping and captivating vibe.

Our team had the privilege of partnering with Etiket to transform the challenge into reality. The project posed a unique set of challenges, requiring us to seamlessly integrate their existing audio infrastructure with the new equipment, all while delivering tailored audio solutions for the expanded treatment rooms and retail space.

A beautiful display of health and wellness products are shown, well lit by sunlight, in a modern and upscale display.
Etiket Boutique and Spa In-Store product display

Couture Media’s Solution

Working closely with the General Contractor, we successfully planned and executed the placement and installation of both the new and existing Sonos equipment, ensuring seamless integration within Etiket’s premises. This approach resulted in a cohesive and unified audio system.

As a Sonos platinum and upgrade partner, we leveraged the Sonos upgrade program enabling Etiket to not only save 30% on new Sonos equipment but also upgrade to the last hardware leading to significant technological enhancement and optimal performance.

Each of the new treatment rooms was outfitted with Sonance by Sonos in-ceiling speakers providing excellent sound quality and a soothing atmosphere. Volume controllers were installed in each room, empowering technicians to effortlessly regulate the volume according to individual guest preferences and ensuring a personalized experience for every client.

Audio gear hidden behind glass wall

Custom Playlists and Zone Design

Our solution also involved the installation of our music media players, allowing for seamless remote control and playback of our curated music playlists. Etiket’s staff can effortlessly manage and control the music either from the main service island or through a convenient remote app, empowering them with full command over the audio environment.

When it came to selecting the perfect music for the retail space, Couture Media created an elegant blend of feel-good and groovy indie pop, soul, disco, and R&B. It’s a playlist that includes a warm mix of both retro and modern vibes, perfectly aligning with the desired atmosphere by owner Simon Tooley, somewhere between Frank Sinatra and indie electronic music.

Audio Solutions for Etiket Boutique and Spa, done by Couture Media


Couture Media’s audio solutions delivered several positive outcomes including seamless integration, cost savings, technological enhancements, tailored music playlists and customized ambiance for the treatment rooms and retail space. 

The successful collaboration between Etiket and Couture Media in elevating the retail experience through customized audio solutions.

A photo of artists that have been selected for a brands curated playlist is shown.
Couture Media's expert music curators have created a perfect playlist to align with Etiket's brand identity.

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