Can music really cause city crime rates to decline?

Here is yet another example of the profound effect that music has on behaviour. Roughly 20 years ago New York City was a city ridden with crime. Mayor Rudy Giuliani took over as Mayor in 1993 and presided over one of the quickest and steepest crime rate declines in the history of any US city. The crime rate decline involves the work of a broad range of public and private agencies and its creative initiatives. Among one of the things Mayor Giuliani and city officials addressed were the problems at Grand Central Station. As Zhu Li writes about it in the Epoch Times, “Mr. Giuliani adjusted the background music system, using high-quality audio equipment playing Mozart’s classical music all day long, resulting in significantly reducing crime by 33%!” NYC Grand-Central Station It would be tough to get into the mood of mugging someone to feel while Mozart’s Symphony no. 9 is blasting overhead. There are certainly other aspects that impacted the decline of the crime rate in Central Station but one must never underestimate the power of music. We’ve seen the effects of music on human behaviour time and time again. You can read the full article here

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