A “Sound” Investment for Successful Branding

“Branding”…a word so overheard these days, but for good reason! In order for a company to be top of mind it has to stand for something…something that its core demographic can relate to, something that embraces the company’s values, and that is all encompassing in every facet of the business….hence, branding!

In the fashion world there are many great brands, most notably The Gap. When you walk into a Gap store you know exactly what to expect….trendy yet affordable fashion for 20-something men and women, casual yet fun looks, bright stores, young, hip staff, and cool music… music that is not necessarily recognizable but pop-y and bright, something you might hear in an iPod commercial. This music is not a staff member’s iPod on shuffle, it is a professionally programmed playlist that is meant to connect the music to the trendy clothes, and the lifestyle of that 20-something…all part of the great branding of the The Gap. 

All too often fashion chains (and even other industries) try to ‘brand’ their look across all outlets with the same stylish store fronts, creative lighting, posters of pictures from their latest ad campaign and even staff dressed in the latest fashion line….but when it comes to the music playing in the individual stores, it’s all different. For instance, there is a very popular women’s retail chain here in Canada that I frequently check out that carries great casual and business wear. In one store near the office they play laid back Adult pop rock music like John Mayer and Kelly Clarkson, and in another other store in a local shopping centre, they play dance music, borderline techno. As a client it confuses me. At the one store I feel too young to be there because it feels like they are catering to the more mature crowd (not that I am that young!) and in the other store I feel too old, because the music targets teens and early 20-somethings (which I am not either!).   

The moral of the story? Don’t underestimate the sound for your business! Remember sound is an important sense, one that evokes emotions. So, if you want to invite your customers into your world and have them connect with your brand or showcase your business’ personality in a cool way, have the right mix of music professionally programmed across all your stores and take your brand to the next level.

Looking for a company to help you to do that for your business? Contact Couture Media, that’s what we do!     

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