10 In-Store Marketing Strategies You Need to Implement Today

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There’s no doubt that in-store marketing is a critical piece of the puzzle for any restaurant or retail operation. But with so many different strategies to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. So, if you’re looking for some new ideas, here are eleven in-store marketing strategies that you can implement today!

1. Offer Free WiFi

Offering a free WiFi hot spot is the perfect way to increases customer satisfaction. Many clients will stay longer in your business as they like to do research while in-store. You could offer to have them join your email list or connect with you on socials.  Free WiFi is essential in making patrons feel more confident when dining alone by allowing them to browse social media, read email or text friends.

free wifi cafe

2. Get 5 star review on google

Have someone at the front door request clients to give you a 5 star review on google as they head out. We experienced this firsthand at one of our clients location, as we were getting ready to leave, they had someone at the door smile and ask, “If you liked the food and service today, can I ask you give us a good review on Google? It would mean a-lot to us.” If you can’t have someone at the door think of having a QR code on a board that directs them to your google review page.

laptop with google on screen

3. Digital Signage

Marketing is so much more than just advertising. It’s about making connections and being memorable in people’s lives, which you can do by using signage or graphics throughout your store to highlight key products and promotions while also promoting any other activities that are associated with your brand like charity work. 

We’re going to be biased here and mention our Atmosphere TV service. It offers over 50 fun and engaging streaming channels your clients can watch while eating, drinking and waiting.  You can also include your own promotional content. The best part, it’s free. You can check it out here, Atmosphere TV.

4. Use your space to offer more leisure and fun

Have you seen the recent trend of bank branches turning their lobbies into cafes? Take a look at your business and consider ways to get clients to spend more time in your space. This might mean adding games or activities for customers in waiting areas and also changing how employees interact with the clients themselves!
tangerine branch with cafe

5. Share Audio Messages With Shoppers

In-store messaging is one of those little touches that can make all the difference when it comes to guiding customers through their shopping experience. When you include audio messages into your music program, not only will they learn about current and upcoming sales but it will help drive them back into your business in the days and weeks to come.
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6. Host events in your space or offices​

It’s the perfect opportunity to create a professional atmosphere and bring people together. Think of networking opportunities like bringing in guests and inviting folks who aren’t necessary your clients.  Host a 5-a-7 showcasing your product or service or host an event made for people who just want to get out.

gaming at the office

7. Analyze foot traffic

Tracking the foot traffic in your business is easy with modern technologies like video cameras, thermal sensors and even electronic pads. These systems will give you a real-time look at how customers move through every area of space so they can be improved upon for future visitors. The data will also provide insight for your staffing management and identify the best sellers on the floor.

8. Set up a photo display and offer samples for customers to taste and post on social

This is pretty straightforward, it gets your products in front of the people. Setup an interactive photo display and offer samples for customers. Invite them to post (or post it for them) their favourite flavours on social media so that they can share with friends.

9. Use Robots for customer support/service

Is robotic customer service the latest fad in business or is it the future? There is no doubt they generate a lot of buzz in any business setting. 

Robot waiters can easily take orders from customers and bartender robots can mix drinks perfectly every time. Retail robots can help customers find products in-store or in another location and they can help with inventory. The future is here! 

10. Great music!

Of course, we have to mention that music is an essential part of any good experience. It should be tailored and designed to suit  and connect to your customer. It helps to subconsciously extend your brand to all other locations.

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