When it comes to customer service, one of the first things you need is great on hold music to offset any impatience, elevate mood and simultaneously project a positive brand image

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Reinforce your brand

Treat your customers with music that complements your business style. This is no time for cheesy tunes.

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Keep customers on the line

Reduce call abandonment. With great music your providing the best customer service experience on the phone.

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Easy to update

Use the web portal to easily manage and schedule your music to match the time of day and mood.


Which on hold music system is right for you

The way you connect music to your phone system depends on the type of phone system that you have.

PBX and Voip are two common types of phone systems out there today.

We’ll help you identify your phone system and what hardware is best to use with it.

Speak to one of our representatives or your account manager to get started!

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Hardware choices

We know that every customer’s setup is different, which is why we work hard to provide customized solutions so everyone can have great music on hold.

axis audiobridge 8033c

Ideal for VOIP

Ideal for VOIP systems, the 8033C audiobridge by axis is able to stream music to your VOIP via IP.

soundtrack your brand player 3.0

Ideal for Music

The Soundtrack player offers thousands of playlists for you to choose from to enhance your callers' experience.

Ideal for PBX

The CUBE is a great solution for organizations who need to regularly update messages across different locations.

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