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Sounds like a higher standard of in-store music & programming

In-store music isn’t new. From fashion brands, department stores and boutiques to restaurants, cafes, spas and hotels, savvy retailers have long since recognized the importance of atmosphere. Today’s brands know a fully optimized brand environment influences frequency and duration of customer visits, increasing both average tickets and loyalty. So, what’s new? A small team of people, masters in their craft, dedicated NOT to being the biggest retail radio provider out there. Instead, we are simply committed to being the best.

Sounds like retail radio success.

Of course, to say we want to be your partner is a bit too clichéd for us. Problem is, it’s true. Our approach to our clients’ success includes a responsiveness, flexibility and attention to detail unprecedented in the retail radio industry.

Sounds like fun!

Clients choose Couture because they know we understand music and how to best deploy it on their behalf. They know we’re going to be there for them. And they know nobody is a better, more dynamic collaborator when it comes to how to get a brand’s groove on.

Music that works for you business

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