4 x Sonos One SL + Soundtrack Yearly Subscription



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This bundle has everything you need to get started. Included in this package are a pair of Sonos One SL speakers that offer high-quality sound perfect for any space up to 2200 square feet, and the Soundtrack music subscription providing an excellent selection of ready-made music just waiting on queue at your fingertips! Soundtrack also makes it easy to create your own playlists or import them from Spotify and play them legally in your business. Plus, your Socan and ReSound fees are included!

Additional Information

Sonos One SL Tech Specs

Two (2) Class-D digital amplifiers
One (1) tweeter
One (1) mid-woofer
Adjustable bass and treble controls
Capacitive touch controls
Connects to WiFi
Supports 802.1b/g/n and 2.4GHz

Control is simple with the Sonos
app, Apple AirPlay 2, and your

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